Two users from Mexico sold ‘Fortnite’ accounts on eBay for over 200,000 pesos and Rolex for over half a million pesos

Within days of the end of 2021, eBay revealed: list of most imported products in Mexico, with products and prices that will surprise more than one. We will have from the watch, ‘Fortnite’ account, notes Caifanes and NES ‘Little Samson’.

The countries where Mexicans sell the most on eBay during 2021 are: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Noting that the category with the highest export growth is video games and LPs.

The most expensive items exported from Mexico on eBay are:

  • ‘Fornite’ account with Black Knight – Sold for over $10,000.
  • Nintendo ‘Donkey Kong Competition’ + ‘Star Fox Super Weekend’ + ‘Exertainment’ – Sold for over $8,900.
  • New Sealed Nintendo 64 Game Pack contains 12 From ‘Mario Party 2’, ‘Goldeneye’, ‘Toy Story’ and More – Sold for over $6,500.
  • ‘Hagane the Final Conflict’ for SNES – Sold for over $5,500.
  • ‘Little Samson’ for NES – Sold for over $5,400.

Another amazing fact is that among the comics for sale in Mexico there is Detective Comic #36 for over $2,500:

  • Detective Comic #36 1940 Batman’s Golden Age – Over $2,500
  • Werewolf By Night 32 – Over $1,900
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 6-Pack – Over $1,700
  • Action Comic #242 1966 Brazilian Edition – Over $1,200
  • Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 – Over $1,200
S L1600

The best-selling action figures have a Daft Punk Medicom Toy Bearbrick at the top:

  • Medicom Daft Punk Toy Bearbrick Figure – Over $3,900
  • Star Wars Boba Fett Ledy Deckshead – Over $2,900
  • 1993 Ninja Tortoise Figure – Over $2,800
  • Rex Chip & Dale, Rapunzzel, Buzz and Dory Swarovski Figures – Over $1,700
  • Jurassic Park Female T-Rex Figure – Over $1,600
Daft Punk Medicom Toy Bearbrick 01 630x419

In the watch category, we also find giant figures in Rolex products:

  • Rolex Daytona Rose Gold – Over $28,000
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – Over $21,000
  • Omega Seamaster 200 vintage – Over $10,600
  • Rolex 16622 Yacht-Master – Over $7,000
  • Omega Ploprof – Over $6,300
M116505 0013

In the vinyl record category, we will have two Caifanes products in the top three:

  • Caifanes vinyl record 5 packs
  • Caifanes debut and self-titled album
  • Disco de tATu “200KM/H on the wrong track”

Image | Retrogamer, ebay, Harddayco

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