Tyr to Bjørge Lillelien for describing outclassing

British newspapers were like themselves and tried a pun the day after the 8-0 win over Norway. They also quote Bjørge Lillelien.

British newspapers toyed with puns and even quoted Bjørge Lillelien the day after the qualifying win over Norway in the European Football Championship.

“Hell beating” was the Daily Telegraph’s headline. This is taken straight from Lillelien’s classic radio tirade after Norway’s side beat England 2-1 in a 1981 World Cup qualifier, which British The Observer called the most iconic commentary performance of all time.

Otherwise, there are plenty of titles playing at number eight. “Gr-EIGHT night” wrote Metro, while the Daily Star declared the British display a “BEST show”.

The Guardian reports that the lioness roars (The Lion’s Roar), in reference to the nickname of the England women’s national team.

After much disappointment with England’s performance in the opening match (1-0 over Austria), England immediately rose to the top of the favorites rankings again. “England’s rampant fire Euro message” made headlines in The Times and suggested the performance was a wake-up call to other teams with title ambitions.

“White hot” is the title in the Daily Mail, with reference to England’s white jersey and striker Ellen White, who scored twice and surpassed Harry Kane in the England national team list of top goalscorers regardless of gender. He only needs one more to match Wayne Rooney’s record of 53 and two to overtake him.

Of course, there is also a pun with the fjords. The Daily Express lands at the “Fjord Fiesta”.

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