Uber CEO Says The Company Has No Problem With Providing Labor Rights To Drivers

Uber is one of the stars gig economy, but it could follow a new path, assures its CEO.

In talks on 14 December 2021 with Swiss bank UBS, Dara Khoroswshahi assured that the company can continue to be successful with stricter employment rules.

This, in response to a possible law in European Union which require drivers to be employed or provide entitlements such as vacations and pensions.

“We can make any model work,” he assured in response to investor doubts about how this type of legislation would affect companies.

This is already happening in Europe

Khoroswshahi remembers it Uber hasn’t been drastically damaged in Spanish not him Great Britain, countries that stipulate the labor protections that “gig economy” companies must follow.

“There is a lot of demand for our technology, our services, our brand, our security and our trust. So any model can work economically for us”, he is sure.

What happened in the United States?

Uber They seem less flexible in the face of efforts to bring more rights to the “gig economy” in their home countries.

Interception explain that prices are potentially higher for firms in WE because the employer must provide health insurance. This is not the case in most European countries whose countries provide universal health services.

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