Ujah’s second positive: England will lose one silver to Tokyo

The 65 medals Britain won at the last Olympics in Tokyo will eventually stay at 64. The team that ran and won silver in the men’s 4×100 number will be left without a medal after testing positive for sample B for doping control by CJ Ujah, one of its members, after the test.

The first samples analyzed revealed the presence of two banned substances in Ujah’s body, S-23 and ostarine, which androgen receptor selective modulator. The athlete requested that sample B also be analyzed and the International Testing Agency announced on Tuesday that the results of the analysis, carried out “at a WADA-accredited laboratory in Tokyo on August 19”, were the same.

The case will now be transferred to the anti-doping division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. It is this court that will assess the situation and everything indicates that the court will decide to disqualify the team that Ujah is a part of, also featured by Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kitty, and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake. In this case, Canada will take silver and China will advance to bronze.

Ujah, who is one of six positives registered so far during the last Olympics, issued a statement in which he said he was “shocked, devastated”. “It’s not a trap. I have never and will never knowingly take a prohibited substance,” he said.

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