UK and Australia join boycott of Winter Olympics in China

Britain will not send its political representatives to the Beijing Winter Olympics, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday, joining a diplomatic boycott of the United States that accuses China of human rights abuses.

“As I said before, we do not support a sports boycott, but there are no ministerial plans to attend the Winter Olympics,” he said in Parliament. “There will be a diplomatic boycott,” he stressed.

Previously, the Australian government said it also participated in the boycott. In either case, the diplomatic boycott did not affect the sporting contest or prevent the participation of British, American or Australian athletes.

“No one cares whether political representatives come or not,” said China’s diplomatic spokesman, Wang Wenbin, responding to Australia’s announcement. “His political maneuvers and little tricks will change nothing for the success of the Olympics,” he added.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated that his country would not send an official representative to the next 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in February in the Chinese capital.

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