UK asks Meta and TikTok to prevent access to ‘RT’

Reuters.- Britain’s culture minister said on Thursday he had written to social media company TikTok and parent company Facebook Meta Platform to ask if they could block access to Russia’s state television network. RT in England.

Meta said on Monday it would restrict access to Russian media RT you Sputnik on its platforms throughout the European Union.

British media regulator Ofcom said on Wednesday it was studying whether RT He will retain his license in the country after he steps up investigations into channels the government accuses of being a tool in the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign.

“I was delighted to see yesterday that the channel is now officially shutting down UK TV after it stopped broadcasting on Sky, Freeview and Freesat. (…) I have written to Meta and TikTok asking them to do everything possible to prevent access to RT in the UK, as they have done in Europe,” Nadine Dorries said in Parliament.

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“We will not stop until we convince every organization, based in the UK or not, that broadcasting Russian propaganda into British homes is wrong.”

RT did not immediately respond to requests for Reuters to make a comment.

The British government has said that a total ban could lead to reciprocal action by Moscow against BBC and other British media.

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