UK asks to drink less water to deal with heatwave drought

British authorities have asked citizens this Tuesday to reduce “unnecessary water consumption” while river levels remain “very low”, after a “prolonged” period of high temperatures in the country.

This was announced by the National Drought Group (NDG), which meets twice a year to assess the water resources situation and which, on this occasion, considers that “effect of dry weather” will persist in “coming weeks”.

“Although we have left extreme high temperatures in the past week and there are no current plans to limit essential water usewe can all do our bit by reducing unnecessary water consumption,” Harvery Bradshaw, executive director of the Environment Agency (EA), an NDG group, said in a statement.

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The heatwave he was referring to caused a spike in thermometers in the UK, where some areas reach more than 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in the country’s history.

This very warm weather for the British Isle comes after last winter and spring has arrived the “driest since the 1970s”warns Stuart Colville, managing director of Water UK.

“The water company – he explained – has detailed plans for managing water resources for customers and the environment, and is doing everything possible, including close collaboration with governments and regulators, to minimize the need for any boundaries and make sure the river keeps flowing.

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Colville remembers that now there is “very high demand” and urged residents to “carefully consider” the amount of water used in their homes and private green areas.

The situation, according to the NDG, is particularly difficult in “most of the UK”, where status “Prolonged Dry Weather”which means the environmental agency is now taking “precautions” to “reduce its impact” as “hydrological conditions deteriorate.”

The agency determined that no region of the UK experienced a “drought”, but anticipated that supply companies, individually, could take such actions as temporarily prohibit the use of hoses in homes and businesses.

He also pointed out that the Meteorological Office (Met Office) expects “a few more weeks of dryness”, especially in the south and east of the country.

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