UK braces for cold weather with sub-zero temperatures

Sub-zero temperatures and widespread snow will affect some royal territory united in one a cold wave that will last into the weekend.

The cold wave that will start today in the UK has caused the UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA, for its acronym in English) to issue a alert for sub-freezing temperatures in central and southern England this week.

Citizens are urged to dress warmly and pay attention to those most exposed cool effect, such as the elderly and people with mobility problems.

Today is starting to get sunny but foggy in some places. Temperatures are expected to drop gradually as the day progresses.

That British Meteorological Office (Met Office, for its English acronym) has predicted that regions de West Midlands, East Midlands, East, Southeast and Southwest will have cooler temperatures starting at 6pm today. And they’ll stay cold until 9am on Sundays.

Stephen Partridge, a Met Office meteorologist, said the weather forecast in Britain was ripe “for citizens to get out of the big mantle.” Temperatures are expected to be so low that they range between 3°C and 5°C during the day. For Thursday evening the temperature forecast is to reach -5 ° C.

Cold wave with dry environment

“Profit, most of the time it will be dry, so ice shouldn’t be a problem,” adds Partridge. Meteorologists explain that the extreme cold is caused by polar air wave.

Scotland will probably see how the snow makes its presence felt in the highest regions of the country. In north englandEven though it is located at a lower elevation than Scotland, it can also snow.

Separately, Agostinho Sousa, UKHSA’s consultant public health medicine, urged Britons to remind their elderly neighbors to keep their homes warm. «Colds can have a serious impact on health, especially in the elderly. And in those who have heart and lung problems, because it increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and chest infections,” he said.

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