UK closes trading office in Venezuela ‘for lack of opportunities’

That UK Department of International Trade made the decision to close its office in Venezuela given that it is in that country”no real business opportunity” European nations because of the economic situation in the region.

According to the news agency Bloombergwho consulted the spokesman for the British diplomatic mission, the department official regularly review indicators worldwide and based on that they make decisions “to meet the ever-changing needs of the region.”

In that regard, he stressed that they continue to support British companies’ business opportunities in Venezuela through staff at embassies in Caracas and elsewhere in the region. As is.

A few days ago, information attributed to the British Deputy Chief of Mission in Venezuela became known, Duncan Hillwhere he indicated that the decision to close the International Trade office in the country taken together with the senior management team in Caracas.

In the letter, which he accessed As isEnglish they do not think there is a possibility that economic conditions in Venezuela will improve in the medium term and the Department of International Trade “needed to make sure they had the right staff in place to support business” in their country so they closed offices.

Expected to work until March 31, 2022.

England is one of the countries that recognizes Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela despite the fact that the Charge d’Affaires are currently in the country, Rebecca Buckinghamreceived in early August 2021 by the European Deputy Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Yvan Gil.

In the meeting held at Casa Amarilla, Gil reaffirmed the administration’s willingness Nicholas Maduro to maintain diplomatic channels and cooperation with European countries.

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