UK military Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked

British authorities open investigation after account hack Twitter you Youtube armed forces, the UK Ministry of Defence reported on Sunday.

“We are aware of a violation of the accounts of Twitter you Youtube Army and investigations are ongoing,” a ministry statement said.

“We apologize for the temporary disruption of our services. We will conduct a full investigation and learn from this incident,” he added.

What happened to the accounts of the armed forces?

on account Youtube videos about cryptocurrency and images of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk appear in the army, while on accounts Twitter some messages that appear to be related to NFT were retweeted.

NFT, Non-Fungible Token or Non-Fungible Token, in Spanish, is a digital format that allows any virtual object, be it an image, photo, animation, video, or song, to be associated with a certificate of authenticity recorded in the blockchain, a technology that serves as the basis for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. (AFP)

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