UK ‘partygate’ scandal revived, Boris Johnson to be fined

Through his official spokesman, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that he would be subject to sanctions related to his participation in several events. party inside his residence at 10 Downing Street during the period of mobility restrictions and special measures ordered in 2020 to mitigate the spread of the pandemic, and which at that time also imposed guidelines on social gatherings.

Regarding this fine, framed in what the British media refer to as the ‘partygate’ scandal, and it’s not one of the components of the current government crisis that the UK president is experiencingthe government revealed that the current Minister of the Economy Rishi Sunak was also included.

According to London Police, Johnson is not the only government official to receive a reprimand for breaking the law during the pandemic, warning that in this context, more than 50 employees assigned to the State, have also been sanctioned.

Calling ‘Partygate’ is a scandal that has damaged Britain’s confidence in their leaderpointed out that it is unacceptable that, while the majority of citizens remain confined to their homes to comply with the quarantine, state officials are taking advantage of their mobility possibilities to hold gatherings that even go beyond what the established rules allow. by the Government.

In the case of ‘partygate’, this does not refer to a group of gatherings that can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but instead, according to official reports, there will be talk of at least 16 meetings inside the prime minister’s residence. during the lockout period.

From a list of social events denoted as acts of disrespect by British officials, there are reports in May 2020, right in the midst of one of the toughest moments healthily the country is experiencing, to deal with an even coercive disease. The prime minister spent several days in the intensive care unit due to complications from his transmission.

In response to the event of a clear violation of the rules, the Prime Minister has become the subject of a wave of attacks by the oppositionand even Labor leader Keir Starmer has been critical of Johnson, warning that the Tory leader, and his community in general, is incapable of governing.

In that sense, Starmer has stated that both the prime minister, Boris Johnson, and several members of his cabinet, should resign from their positions.

“Both of them have to resign. The Conservatives are simply incapable of governing,” the Labor leader said on Twitter, referring to Johnson and Rishi Sunak.

“England deserves better,” said the politician.

Following the announcement of the fines against these two officials, the scandal risking the prime minister was revived in the UK, which, in recent weeks, appears to have been ‘prepared’, due to the fact that media attention is migrating from domestic affairs to the international sphere, focusing its focus on actions that done against Russia for its invasion of Ukrainian territory since February 24.

The scandals and demands for Johnson’s resignation have come not only from the opposition sector, but also the outrage generated within the framework of the prime minister’s own rule-breaking in one of the most difficult moments of the contemporary world. , has also come. from some sectors of the conservative party itself, which, according to international media, has even expressed an intention to advance censorship processes within society.

Even one of the parties mentioned above, despite not having the Prime Minister present, was present at funeral night for Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth.

In early 2022, Johnson publicly appeared before his country’s Parliament to apologize for the scandal, and his and his relatives’ actions for violating health regulations.

Although initially, with the outbreak of the scandal, Boris Johnson had time to deny the occurrence of irregularities, the spread of images that not only explained the realization, but also from the prime minister’s participation, they leave it as evidence.

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