UK policy encourages discrimination and xenophobia

UK Government Policy exacerbate discrimination, fuel xenophobic sentiment, and further reinforce racial inequalityconvinced a UN expert on racism and human rights.

Special Rapporteur E. Tendayi Achiume cited in his subsequent report to the United Nations Human Rights Council persistent racial disparities in education, employment, housing, health, surveillance, interactions with the police, prosecution, and detention, among others.

“The structural socio-economic exclusion of racial and ethnic minority communities in the UK is staggering,” he said in his report after fact-finding visits to the country in April and May year 2018.

The structural socioeconomic exclusion of racial and ethnic minority communities in the UK is striking.

“While there is a legal framework dedicated to combating racial discrimination, the harsh reality is that race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability status and related categories continue to determine the life chances and well-being of people in the UK in unacceptable ways. and, in many cases, illegal.”

Discrimination that should come as no surprise

Achiume said his findings should come as no surprise to the Government, as government data and reports, including the Race Gap Audit, the Lammy Review and the work of the UK Equality Commission, reveal continued exclusion and marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities.

“Reliable reports have shown that austerity measures are very dangerous for members of minority racial and ethnic communities, who are also hardest hit by unemployment. At the same time, racial and ethnic minorities are under-represented in criminal justice enforcement and under-represented in institutions that adjudicate crimes and punishments,” he added.

The reporter also said that “there is clear evidencethat the application of “counter-extremism” disproportionately targets ethnic and religious groups, violating their human rights. Such policies have transformed public institutions such as hospitals, schools, universities and even the police force, in places of exclusion, discrimination and national anxiety.

“In the broader context of national anxiety about immigrants, the predictable outcome of the UK Government’s immigration policy is racial discrimination and racial exclusion. The Windrush scandal is a clear example,” he said.

Brexit and discrimination

Achiume’s report also noted that the government’s own data confirms that the consequences of the Brexit referendum they coincide with an increase in hate crimes, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination.

“To be clear, Brexit recently introduced racism and xenophobia to the UK; both have a long legacy that goes back to the historical projects of slavery and European colonialism. After saying that, national debates and certain previous practices and policies, during and after the Brexit referendum in 2016 has reinforced racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance in the United Kingdom. Public and private actors have played a dangerous role in fueling intolerance. Among them, politicians and the media deserve special attention given the significant influence they exert on society.”

important data

Achiume welcomed Government initiatives over the past decade that resulted in better data and a more comprehensive overview of racial inequality, including a progress report on the issues he raised in a statement at the end of his visit in May 2018.

“Undoubtedly, the UK’s efforts to collect disaggregated data, review discriminatory results and develop action plans are critical to the realization of the human right to racial equality. However, The government should not be confused in data collection and a partial review with mandatory actions taken under international human rights law,” said the expert.

The Whistleblower said that the Government has an obligation to conduct a comprehensive review and immediately implement concrete actions aimed at ending racial discrimination and ensuring racial equality.

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