UK records largest bird flu outbreak in its history – Metro Ecuador

That great Britain experienced the highest number of cases bird flu in birds in its history, as reported on December 9, 2021 by the country’s veterinary authorities.

forty farm affected by this virus in the UK -33 of them in English-, so they are being applied New steps to prevent infectious diseases continues to increase, the UK Government’s Director of Veterinary Medicine Christine Middlemiss told the BBC.

About 500,000 birds have been slaughtered and everything in prisoner must be saved in closed space to prevent them from being infected by those who emigrated from Western Europe to England.

The government communicates with bird keeper that they must disinfect their uniforms, work materials and vehicles, and also limit access to non-essential workers and visitors.

“We can’t wait another year, and even have a higher number of infections, so we will be working not only with our scientists, but also internationally, to understand what we can do to find out what is behind these infections. ,” he said. intermediary.

That stake from transmission in man for this disease is low, as well as through food, as confirmed by the UK Public Health Council.

Fifteen swans died last month in a park in an English city blackpool because plague there he is virusaccording to conservative lawmaker Scott Benton. To avoid transmission to humans, the lake was closed and authorities asked people to stay away from the area.

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