UK to legalize Level 3 autonomous driving system by end of 2022

UK joins Germany and Japan in enabling use of technology for level 3 autonomous driving

The era of electricity in the automotive sector is accompanied in parallel with another revolution in the sector, technology to achieve autonomous driving.

There are more and more advancements and systems that vehicles provide to make driving easier, simpler and safer, but some of these technological advances are way ahead of regulations and laws.

This legislative delay means that many of today’s technologies related to autonomous driving cannot be fully enjoyed, and for the most part already include functionality.

We have one of the clearest cases with Tesla Autopilotwhose functions in Europe are far less than those available in the United States, and all this is due to the laws of each country.

However, little by little we see how countries are setting themselves the task of updating current laws against autonomous driving, as is the case with the UK, which has announced that the necessary changes will be made to ensure autonomous driving technology. .

In this way, the UK will become the second country in Europe (the first is Germany) and allow the use of level 3 otonom autonomous driving system.

These regulatory changes will continue to require drivers to remain aware of what is happening around the vehicle and be prepared to control the vehicle if needed, but keep the door open for watching movies, TV shows or other types of content. audiovisual content when the autonomous driving system is active, something that was until recently prohibited.

What will continue to be prohibited is the use of mobile phones while the vehicle is in motion, although it is somewhat paradoxical that it is permissible to view audiovisual content through a car screen but not use a mobile phone.

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