UK will use space technology to diagnose

Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of Health.

British National Service (NHS) plans to use technology destined for Star gazing in distant galaxy inside it early diagnosis of canceras announced this Monday, April 8, by the United Kingdom Government.

To coincide with the 70th anniversary of the birth of the NHS, the British space agency has allocated one million pounds (€1.15 million) Al growth from one portable x-ray machine in three dimensions, which is based on the same technology that has been used to study the stars.

Potential to save lives

“This technology has great potential to save lives. It is a shining example of how innovators can work with the NHS to help save lives with early cancer diagnosis,” said the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancockin a statement released by the Executive.

This technology will make it possible to obtain a more complete vision of the area of ​​the body where a tumor is suspected.

Two-dimensional X-ray machine commonly used to detect disease not always they get identify cancer early so diagnosed at developed countriesthus complicating the treatment.

According to government records, new technology that the experts will develop will enable the medical community to obtain more complete view from areas of the body where the tumor is suspected to be developing. This will contribute, he added, to achieving more effective treatment and earlier diagnosis.

Scanner in Primary Care consultation

That advanced deviceminiature, portable and connected by satellite, could also allow cancer patients to undergo scanner at their GP consultation. Adi, wait too reduce lost trip to hospital to have an x-ray or scan.

The project will help address some of the challenges the NHS faces in managing long-term medical conditions, such as early cancer diagnosis.

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