Ukraine – Russia war, last minute live today | Putin attacks Lviv and warns China

Putin points out that Russia is avoiding “genocide” in Ukraine

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has appeared this Friday at an event organized by the Government in the Luzhniki state of Moscow, for the anniversary the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and under the slogan ‘For a peaceful world, without Nazism. for Russia’.

“For peace, for victory, for our president”are the words you receive in your presentation before discussing 81,000 spectators at the venue.

In addition, he has defended Ukraine’s war interests and considers that“The main objective of the special operation in Donbas is to free the population from genocide”. Likewise, he has described the great performance and courage of his soldiers, for they have never done it before “the unit gives you a long time”

“Side by side, our soldiers help, support each other and, if necessary, protect their comrades from bullets with their own bodies on the battlefield. We haven’t had such a union for a long time.” For now, cling to the figure of 498 Russian soldiers killed since the start of the waraccording to Kremlin data.

Besides thatpraising the historical figure of Admiral and Tsar Fyodor Ushakov, born on February 24, coinciding with the start of the Russian invasion. “Storms like this will always bring Russia glory. This is how it used to be, this is how it is now and it will always be like this,” the Russian leader told his supporters.

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