Ukraine will prepare to move its sensitive data to other countries to avoid hacking

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When talking about a country, it is often overlooked that it is usually important with gigantic infrastructure with sensitive and private data, important to their politicians. This is the case for Spain and the rest of the world, and Ukraine is no exception. And with the invasion of Russia still escalating both militarily and digitally, it was important for Zelensky executives to keep that data safe from Putin. This is what Ukraine wants, according to Reuters.

The Ukrainian government is reportedly preparing to move not only its most sensitive data, but also its server infrastructure overseas, should the Russian military move further into the country. This is explained by Victor Zhora, deputy head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

Zhora explains that it is important to have a plan not only for the case, but also for the robbery. secret Ukrainian government documents. While the main idea is to protect this infrastructure inside Ukraine, if this plan fails, they will be forced to move it abroad.

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This is from before. Zhora explained in other media that there are already plans to get this data out of Kiev, at least if the capital is affected by the invasion. However, processes are underway to remove this infrastructure from the country. So much so that members and officials of the Zelensky government have sent devices and backup copies of these data to areas beyond the range of action of the Russian army.

Although Zhora has not detailed some details about this transfer, he assured that this plan includes the transportation of physical servers and information storage devices, as well as data migration from one server to another. the problem is to send this data overseas.

Not only because this poses a risk to the privacy of this data, but because Ukraine is very secretive about the country they will choose to transfer to. Zhora had limited herself to admitting that she had received several offers from various countries to host this data, but without saying what they were. Of course, Zhora had determined that the country would be located in Europe.

Falling into the hands of the Russian army this data could reveal to Putin very sensitive data about Ukraine, which could help the Russian government to gain more control over the country if it attacked completely. Although this type of case is considered modern, this is not the first time this has happened; In early 1940, Norway physically shipped most of the secret Ministry of Foreign Affairs archives, first to the north of the country and then to Britain just before the invasion by German troops.

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