UltraRAM, a technology that aims to replace RAM

UltraRAMthis will be the future name of storage and RAM in a moment, this technology will be responsible for replacing RAM. RAM memory plays a very important role in the device, in short it is responsible for keeping open tasks in the background, but now you can say goodbye.

Nowadays RAM memory is one of the main components of our computertogether with the processor and hard disk, we can say that they are the main components of a computer, well, UltraRAM is coming to replace RAM and storage, acquiring a hybrid component.

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UltraRAM, a possible replacement for RAM and hard drives

As mentioned above, UltraRAM will be one that in the future can replace the need to buy hard drives and memory cards. RAM memory for our computer, console or device.

Following the mass production of silicon and an in-depth study by scientists from the Department of Physics and Engineering at the University of Lancaster in the UK, the study published progress of manufacturing a new component for our equipment, UltraRAM.

That UltraRAM could be the storage technology of the futuresuch as flash memory. This new memory can combine the speed of task processing as well as data storage, i.e., if you have only one component that is intended for both, if you have a 2 TB disk, you will also have RAM in that capacity.

While this is a huge advancement, this technology will be very expensive and for sure, only the tech giants can choose it. A group of scientists have stated that they are working on the optimization of silicon mass production UltraRAM and capable of reaching more devices.

We don’t know when it will come UltraRAM for our team, therefore, for now we have to add RAM memory card to our PC or hard drive and SSD to be able to add more power, we just have to wait to say goodbye to RAM as we know it today.

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