UNBOXED, the festival that will fill the UK with creativity in 2022

Write down the name because you will hear it more than once this year. We are talking about UNBOXED, the festival that will fill great Britain creativity and innovation from March to October 2022.

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This event will include free program innovative experiences and events that will take place across the UK in 2022 and will offer an unprecedented way to explore the country’s beaches, cities and landscapes.

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Events will come alive with all kinds of experiences (live and live, digital, on line and broadcast) which, guided by a truly original and innovative spirit, seeks to change preconceived notions of Great Britain and attract a diverse international audience with all kinds of proposals.

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Important at Festival

Among the most prominent names we found About Usan open macro installation that, through live performances, will read poetry, listen to music, and watch animated films and videos mapping latest technology.

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Also, with PoliNations You will see how the city center turns into forest park. There will be a giant tree that will eat rainwater and generate electricity by wind power, light display and the grand finale with a light show, music and confetti.

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He also knows about garden art Dandeliona project that will take place across Scotland and include stunning gardens, vertical plantings and a free music festival that recreates the annual harvest festival, adding a responsible and sustainable experience.

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Isle of Skye, Scotland / Photo: Unsplash

For this part, Moon Tower This is a two-month festival that will include live performances, installations, interactive proposals, and evening performances by artists between the ages of 18 and 25. There will be talk shows, workshops, original movies and the last point is the traveling parade Moon Convoywho will travel along major and remote roads, through towns and cities, on his way to his final destination: Hackney, London.

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cheat dream machine Audiences visiting one of Britain’s four capital cities will be surrounded by the sound and light of innovative works of art that explore the limitless potential of the human mind. Created in collaboration with Assemble, the Turner Prize winning collective; Grammy-nominated musician Jon Hopkins; and a pioneering team of technology and scientists, dream machine invites you to participate in a unique immersive experience.

The solar system will be the protagonist in Our Place in Spacea large-scale version of the solar system that spans ten kilometers from the sculptural path of Northern Ireland and Cambridge.

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