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Her name is Ashley Wadsworth and died at the age of 19. He told his family that he wouldtrip of a lifetime” and that he will be traveling to the UK -in November 2021- to see a girlfriend he met via a dating app in person.

However, now his relatives are demanding justice after he was found stabbed to death in an apartment located in Essex County, England.

The most serious thing is that girlfriend, Jack Seppleis the prime suspect.

They lived together for three months until last week, when he was found dying in his apartment in Chelmsford.

Always wanted to get out of the small town life in Vernon

Police arrived alerted by neighbors, as disturbances had been reported in the afternoon. Even so, they were unable to help him and he died at the scene of the attack, according to the ‘Independent’ newspaper.

Sepple, 23, was arrested and charged with murder.

Additionally, he appeared before Colchester Magistrates Court and was detained.

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What was the young victim like?

Tova Wadsworth, Ashley’s great-aunt, described her as a beautiful and loving young woman and recalled that “this is the journey of his life, nothing makes sense“.

She is in England to live with her boyfriend, she is excited to live abroad and always wants to get out of the small town life in Vernon.said Daniel Seaman, a friend from the church.

How did you meet?

Ashley meets Sepple via an online dating app, falls in love, and travels to give her a birthday surprise.

Through his social networks, it is possible to find out what he has been up to during his last weeks in England.

Pictures of him and his girlfriend in the happiest moments gave no hint that anything bad was going on, even two days before his death – on January 30th – he changed his Facebook profile picture to a close-up of himself and Sepple together.

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Why was he killed?

Friends have stated that Ashley planned to leave England the same day she was murdered.

According to information from the ‘Evening Standard’ media, he would try to book a flight back to Vernon, Canadabut had to wait for the coronavirus test and an unfavorable result to occur.

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