United Kingdom: – Here the big swindler is caught

A woman implicated in tax fraud is one of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) most wanted refugees. He is said to have swindled nearly 12 billion kroner.

The NCA is the UK’s national law enforcement agency.

On February 27, he was arrested in Spain, reports BBC News.

According to the NCA, the woman was originally from Fulford in England, but was caught by plainclothes officers from the Guardia civil police while walking her dog in Santa Brbara, Tarragona.

He was detained and must now appear in court.

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Running away for a few years

The woman disappeared in May 2013. She was later charged with money laundering.

Any transaction that helps conceal the origin of money arising from a criminal act is considered money laundering, according to environmental crime.

She was sentenced to eight years in her absence following an investigation by HMRC, which is the UK government’s tax authority, but the woman managed to escape.

CAPTURED: Police in Fredrikstad believe they have arrested the perpetrators who are said to have swindled 13 million kroner from around 60 victims – across the country. Photo: Police. Reporter: Marie Rossland
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HMRC found that he was part of an organized crime group of 16 people who bought cell phones abroad without VAT and then resold them in the UK.

The woman and her co-workers were sentenced to a total of 135 years in prison.

– He’s been a fugitive for almost nine years. “He remains on our radar, even though he may think we have ended the search,” NCA Deputy Director Tom Dowdall told BBC News.

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It was cooperation between British police and partners in Spain that led to the arrests.

– We will hand him over to the UK where he will be allowed to serve his prison sentence, said Dowdall.

Dowdall stated that all of Britain’s most wanted would still be hunted, no matter how many years it took.

– We will not rest until they are caught, no matter how long it takes.

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