United Kingdom: more staycations in its plans for tourism recovery

In this way, the country’s National Lottery will launch a program vouchers this fall to enhance travel outside of summer. Participants will be able to redeem coupons at attractions across the UK between September 2021 and March 2022, the British Executive said in a statement.

At the end of the year a new train ticket will also be launched for travelers who stay at home, “which will make it easier and more sustainable for national tourists to travel abroad,” he explained.

The new pass will be based on BritRail, which is sold through VisitBritain and currently offers international visitors flexible travel across the country, along with discounted tickets to attractions.

British promotional image. Photo: VisitBritania.

“The Tourism Recovery Plan is our project on how the sector can better recover from the pandemic, even faster than expected. This has been a challenging year for the tourism sector, especially for our cities, but I know they are ready to welcome visitors and I encourage everyone to rediscover the fantastic UK travel deals“, defended the Minister of Tourism, Nigel Huddleston.

£19m has also been earmarked for marketing campaigns to promote tourism in cities across the country, and a £5.5m national campaign has been launched.

The government is influencing how the sector is affected by the pandemic and given that in 2019, some 41 million international visitors come to the UK for business or leisure, spending more than £28 billion, which places the United Kingdom in the top five countries globally for inbound visitor spending.

data technology

On the other hand, the Government has announced that it will explore how tourism data collected at the border can support the sector and tourism data center creation has advanced “to provide the sector with access to solid, accessible and timely information.”

“This hub can track consumer travel trends such as the growth of active tourism, water sports and hiking as well as book sustainable tourism experiences. The data collected will help develop our policies and marketing to improve the visitor experience”, details

Likewise, it will be developed Sustainable Tourism Plan at the end of this year “to put the UK at the forefront of the global debate on sustainability on the way.”

The plan will build on investments in sustainable tourism already underway, such as the completion of the UK’s National Coastal Route, the longest of its kind in the world, and an investment of nearly £1 billion. at the electric vehicle charging center at the service station.

Tourist accommodation

The government will also launch consultations on introduction of tourist accommodation registration plan in the UK to study rising holiday rental prices.

The plan also has a focus on 2022: “a big year for the UK that will showcase the nation on the world stage with a triad of major events”: Queen of Platinum Jubilee, Festival UK 2022 and Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 “They will showcase the best of England at home and abroad.”

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