United Kingdom takes first steps in crypto world and will register official NFT

At the moment NFT they have become the latest trend in the tech world, but there is still debate about the value these digital assets can hold, making adoption of these tokens across industries and countries a reality. England is no exception.

It is not surprising that the UK is starting to take these steps in the world crypto currency and Non-Fungible Tokens, but the Minister of Finance, Richi Sunak announced that The Royal Mint, known as the British Mint, will register its own NFT next summer.

Although not many details were given about it, the secretary of the economy, John Glen pointed out that this NFT could be a symbol of the innovative and visionary approach the country is seeking to take to the sector.

But that’s not all, because This NFT will be accompanied by a program of measures to modernize financial technology in the UKespecially with cryptocurrencies, while the UK government is trying to dictate favorable regulations for this technology investment.

With the announcement of the NFT itself, it is hoped that the experiments carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority will give its first results in May, but first there is a series of policies that must be evaluated in this regard. .

On the other hand, the authorities have acknowledged that there may be environmental risks and fraud that could come with NFT, however, they believe that with the introduction of official tokens, there is an opportunity to build from the ground up and drive the spread of cryptocurrencies. Do you think other countries can register their own NFT?


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