United States Embassy in Peru: “Freedom of expression is one of the basic human rights” | Cesar Acuna | Christopher Acosta | nndc | PERU

The US and British embassies in Peru point out that freedom of expression is one of the “most basic human rights” and they advocate respect for this right “everywhere in the world”.

On their social networks, the two embassies shared statements supporting respect for press freedom, which they describe as “the foundation of democracy.”

This statement came after Judge Raúl Jesús Vega, of the 30th Criminal Liquidation Court of the High Court of Justice of Lima, issued a verdict against journalist Christopher Acosta for the publication of the book ‘Plata como cancha’, which lasted two years. imprisonment and payment of civil damages of 400 thousand sol.

César Acua accused the journalist of thinking that some 55 sentences from the book ‘Plata como cancha’ were defamation, despite the fact that they recorded statements from third parties, citing court and congressional sessions and other statements never previously questioned by politics. publisher of the book.

The sentence also includes journalist book editor Jerónimo Pimentel and publisher Penguin Random House, who together with Christopher Acosta must pay civil damages of 400,000 soles.

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