Unusual detailed report in Haaland’s contract

Erling Braut Haaland (21) “in principle” agrees with Manchester City on the transfer – which will most likely go official when the transfer window in the Premier League opens on July 1.

According to reports, Haaland will earn between 375,000 and 400,000 pounds a week over a five-year period in Manchester. And according to reports from Germany and England, Haaland should get his buyout clause once again – just like he did when he signed for Borussia Dortmund.

Thursday writes German Picture that Haaland allegedly has a buyout clause that goes into effect already two years into his contract, and that the Norwegian could in 2024 leave Manchester City for 150 million euros (about 1.5 billion kroner).

It didn’t take long before the British media threw themselves into the news. Both of them Telegraph and BBC wrote that Haaland had such a clause, but it should be higher from what Bild stated. No numbers are given.

– Rent everything

– Not worry

Manchester City reportedly need not worry about Haaland’s early departure.

“As far as we understand it, the 21-year-old’s agreement must include a buyout clause which can be partially valid for the duration of the contract. However, City must be convinced of the size that will lead to the acquisition, which is said to be higher than the 150 million euros that has been reported”, writes Simon Stone of the BBC, who works closely with Manchester clubs.

Withdrawal clauses are common in many countries, including Spain, where a player can buy himself out of a contract. Some players had artificially high clauses of several billion kroner.

In the Premier League, big clubs usually try to avoid such clauses, because they are not bound by law like in Spain.

It is unusual to have a buyout clause in the contract of a player of this magnitude in the Premier League, Dagbladet informed from England.

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– Dance around the golden calf

TV 2 commentator yvind Alsaker didn’t know about the alleged buyout clause, but quickly came to a decision on the case.

– The boy is young, maybe there is something there, maybe about securing values. It’s a dance around a golden calf that’s pretty loud, Alsaker told Dagbladet.

He pointed out that the Premier League is “at the top of the food chain” as of today, but that could quickly change in a short period of time in today’s modern football.

– These contracts, here everything has been passed, all scenarios covered. He’s the “next big thing”. Then I wasn’t too surprised about it, I have to say, Alsaker said about the possible clause.

Commentators believe that the “Haaland Team”, led by Alfie Haaland’s father and late agent Mino Raiola, had dictated the terms during contract negotiations.

– If he is able to dictate all the conditions, then it’s good to be in his place. “Absolutely, yes, but he’s an unusual player,” Alsaker said of Haaland.

EXCELLENT WAITING: This is something that may await Haaland and his new life in Manchester. Journalist: Melina Pambou Sundfør. Video: Red Card / Pambou.
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Turns out fast

In football, things change quickly, just look at the situation of star player Romelu Lukaku at Chelsea. A short season after he was signed as a major club signing, he has been sidelined for a long time after interviews about his future were not well received.

Alsaker showed that things could look very different at Manchester City in two years. Manager Pep Guardiola’s contract expires in 2023, and although it was reported that the Spaniard might extend it, it was not written.

– It’s hard to imagine anyone could continue that race after Guardiola and Klopp. Maybe there were things like that that made him want to be free in two years. It feels like a contract where there’s a lot of law and heavy attorney fees, says Alsaker and continues:

– All possible scenarios covered. I read it more like that. He’s hot right now. Currently he is able to generate a large income for himself and those around him. At the moment, City, under Guardiola, are guaranteed success. Now that’s okay, in two years it could be different.

And as Alsaker said:

– You don’t know anything about the scenery over there. I didn’t think it looked so stupid, to be honest. There is something about today and tomorrow. That’s changing fast.

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