US bombers have arrived in the UK


The United States has sent several bombers to Britain. Its purpose is to participate in NATO exercises.

bomberone of them was a B-52 and had support equipment and personnel with them when they landed at a base at Fairford in England, about 150 kilometers west of London. It announced the US Air Force in charge of Europe on Thursday.

It doesn’t appear from the statement how much bomber which will participate in what the statement said was a “long-planned” NATO exercise called the Bomber Task Force. The aim is to increase “operational cooperation and capacity, capability and interoperability” among allies.

The exercise comes at the same time as Western fears that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine. Russia has more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, according to the United States. Russia, for its part, has accused NATO of contributing to an increase in hostilities by moving troops east to Europe, and demanded that Ukraine never become a NATO member.

The US Navy announced on Thursday that four of the US warships were deployed last month to participate in exercises in the Mediterranean, while Russia declared on Thursday that it had sent four warships to participate in exercises outside Crimea.

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