Venezuela rejects UK statement that election did not meet “required standards”

MADRID, November 26 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Venezuelan government rejected this Thursday the “unacceptable qualifications” of the British Executive, which has warned that regional and municipal elections in the South American country are “far below the required standard.”

The UK Foreign Office has issued a statement indicating that while election conditions “may have improved” and “the participation of more opposition parties is welcomed”, “the conditions required for free and jousting are far from the standard required.”

“Opposition candidates are arbitrarily disqualified, state resources are channeled and access to the media is skewed in favor of the (President Nicolás) Maduro regime, and the Venezuelan Supreme Court intervenes in an inappropriate and politicized manner in the management of opposition parties”, has pointed out out of British diplomacy.

In doing so, he emphasized that there are still “serious structural deficiencies to be overcome,” while praising the efforts of the opposition parties and participating candidates despite the “many losses and difficulties they face.”

“We urge the regime to return to dialogue with the opposition quickly and in good faith,” the British Foreign Office said in a statement, which drew criticism from the Venezuelan executive.

The Caribbean nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets that the statement made by London “expresses hostile political intentions towards the Government and people of Venezuela.”

Likewise, he has pointed out that they constitute “unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state” and thus provide continuity “the agenda of aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its institutional framework.”

“Venezuela asks Britain to put aside the disrespect, interference and colonial practices that characterize its erratic foreign policy, while urging it to correct the misleading content of the above-mentioned text (statement)”, Venezuela’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded.

The EU election monitoring mission also pointed to irregularities in regional and local elections in Venezuela, which were held last Sunday and in which ‘Chavismo’ won in most constituencies.

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