Venezuela.- Venezuela rejects British court decision for “preventing” recovering its international reserves

He accused the Supreme of the United Kingdom of being “under the mandate” of the Executive, thus contradicting the separation of powers.


Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry has criticized that British Justice “prevents” from restoring international reserves after this Monday issued a decision in which it left it to a lower body to determine the future of the reserves.

Britain’s Supreme Court considered that Juan Guaido’s opponent had “clear and unequivocal recognition” by London as president of the South American nation, which opened the door for him to manage 31 tonnes of gold in the hands of the Bank of England – an estimated more than $1 billion.

As such, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has shifted its disapproval to the position of the British Supreme Court, which the Executive has accused of “undertaking” the opinion of “revealing the lack of separation of powers” in the country.

“The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has complied with the mandate of the British Executive, leaving evidence of the lack of separation of powers, impartiality and, above all, independent action of this body of Justice,” the Ministry denounced in a statement.

As such, from Caracas they have regretted the alleged attack on International Law, Venezuela’s constitutional order and even on the UK’s own institutions and authorities, thereby sending the message that the UK is “committing a deception to illegally seize the resources allocated to it confidently.” “.

On the other hand, he accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government of taking advantage of a “fraudulent political arrangement” that has “involvement” from “extremist factors in Venezuelan politics, led by swindler Juan Guaido” with the aim of “stealing” Venezuelan gold. .

“In Venezuela there exists, with the mandate of popular sovereignty by universal vote, one constitutional government, whose Head of State and Government is President Nicolás Maduro,” the Foreign Ministry defended, referring to Guaido’s recognition as president by Britain. Justice.

“In this shocking and irrational decision of the court, the Supreme Court places itself at the heart of the prohibited acts of its Crown’s foreign policy, which are reminiscent of absolutism, which the British Executive willfully perpetrate, in open violation of the basic principles of the rule of international law, law. its own internal and international laws,” the Maduro government statement added.

Finally, from Caracas they recall that reserves are protected internationally by immunity of this type of asset, and the Government has warned that “it will continue to use all the resources at its disposal to maintain the heritage that is part of its international reserves”.

Previously, Guaido had celebrated the UK Supreme Court’s decision to at least keep gold “protected” in the Bank of England. “Dictatorships will not be able to loot it like it did with the public funds generated by this humanitarian emergency,” wrote the opposition leader on Twitter, who declared himself the ‘president in charge’ in January 2019 after the controversial 2018 election.

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