VIDEO: Boris Johnson falls silent at a meeting on green policy in the UK and improvises talk of ‘Peppa Pig’


23 November 2021 12:48 GMT

The senior official pointed out that the Peppa Pig World theme park “has very safe streets, disciplined schools” and “a new mass transit system.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, apparently losing his record when giving a speech to businessmen in the country on Monday, decided to improvise, focusing on the ‘Peppa Pig’ series. The politician was actually supposed to be talking about green policy in the UK.

“Yesterday I went, as we all should, to Peppa Pig World,” Johnson said and asked if anyone had visited the park as well. However, senior officials were dissatisfied with the response and said it was not “enough.” “I’m surprised you haven’t been there,” he told the meeting attendees.

The British Prime Minister notes that he loves Peppa Pig World. “This is really my kind of place,” admits Johnson, flipping through his notes. The senior official explained that the world of Peppa Pig “has very safe streets, disciplined schools” and “a new mass transit system.”

“Who would believe, Tony, that a pig that looks like a hairdryer […], a pig rejected by the BBC, will now be exported to 180 countries with theme parks in America and China? “, Johnson speculated about the ‘Peppa Pig’ series, which he described as “pure genius”.

When reporters asked the prime minister about his speech, he was unfazed and insisted he had said what he wanted to say. Reuters. “I think people understand most of the points I’m trying to make,” Johnson stressed, adding that “everything is going well.”

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