Video: “Uruguay can offer hope”, said Lacalle Pou in his speech in English – Information – 05/23/2022

Within its framework visit to englandthat President Luis Lacalle Pou participate in an event at headquarters Canning House, an organization that promotes cooperation between the UK and Latin America. There he gave a speech in English, in which he stated, among other things, that “Uruguay can offer hope.”

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In his remarks, the President stated that Uruguay “is one of the strongest democracies in the worldevery index believes that we highly respect the separation of powers, we respect contracts, we respect institutions, we have very strong institutions in our country and very strong political parties”.

“We can agree or not. They are the oldest party in the world with 186 years. Only England are older than us,” he added.

In addition, the president referred to the impact of the pandemic on the country. “During the pandemic we were concerned with keeping the economy going and we were successful at that,” he said.

“All of this builds trust in government, but what I want to talk about today is hope. Hope is what moves people and the question is whether Uruguay can offer hope. I think so. We have chosen to facilitate investment in our country, even changing the requirements for residency,” the president said.

Uruguay is a “natural outlet and a technology center at Mercosur,” Lacalle Pou said at Canning House, stressing that the country “is making great effort to open up to the world“. “Our partners in Mercosur They’re not in a rush to do it quickly like we are,” he added.

The president was asked if Uruguay would try to make an agreement individually and maybe with England, and he replied: “Yes. With the whole world. We will try to do it together, but today they don’t want to do it. , maybe they are not willing to do it as fast as we are, because we need it. We start with China and Turkey, but it could be the UK or anyone interested in doing business with us. Uruguay will move forward in that direction.”

In accordance with the meeting program entitled “Uruguay, the reliable gateway to South America – Opportunities in a green economy’, for example “Canning Lecture” in which Lacalle Pou participates is “one of the highest profile events of its kind in the UK and a unique opportunity to hear and interact directly with today’s Latin American or Iberian leader”

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