“We met in virtual reality”: a love documentary on the metaverse

We met in virtual realityThat would be the way some couples would talk about their first meeting in the future. They wouldn’t meet at a cafe or at a party (as all potentially romantic encounters are still expected), nor would they meet at school, or on dating apps like Tinder. They will meet in the world virtual reality, fall in love, thus finding someone with whom to share his life. All blessings metaverso.

fall in love in the metaverse

We are talking about the future, but in reality This phrase has been used by several people, and it is the title of the documentary that follows this connection. the job is called We Meet in Virtual Reality and join various communities of people who wear glasses virtual reality to enter VRChat, a platform that has grown in popularity since 2014 among fans of various sub-cultures.

But how do you make a documentary about people living in cyberspace? This work is the first of its kind to be filmed entirely in VRCchat. Joe hunting, the director, is tasked with describing this virtual world (which has been described as a prototypemetaverso) where people can literally do whatever they want, and which has become especially relevant since the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing some to socialize and interact with others without leaving their homes.

The middle part of the film tells how a woman based on great Britain create a romantic relationship with the user VRCchat who lives in miami, revealing how even the virtual world has helped them thrive in the real world. She acts as an exotic dancer in the game, and as she mentions, this helps her deal with the deaths of family members and the outbreak of alcoholism.


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We met in virtual reality

We know that meeting someone on the Internet is nothing new and familiar. However, in metaverso, these people can not only message, share content, or talk via video calls, but they can “be” in the same room, go somewhere else together in that space and date which can be even more exciting than going to any cafe or restaurant, which raises questions about how their relationship will work out in real life, if they decide to leave metaverso to take her to reality.

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