Weak British Pound Doesn’t Tend To Boost British Exports – Swati Dhingra

In his appearance before the Treasury Committee on Wednesday, Swati Dhingra, who will be head of policy at the Bank of England in Augustsaid sterling weakness does not tend to boost UK exportsas reported by Reuters.

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“UK trade openness seems to have slowed more than its peers, it’s hard to be entirely sure it’s because of Brexit.”

“I don’t think Brexit hasn’t caused the BoE to pursue a more aggressive interest rate policy.”

“Brexit is unlikely to change the structure of the UK economy, it will lower real wages.”

“He The Brexit trade deal is likely to lead to a 1.8% drop in real wages in the medium term“.

“There seems to be more inflation to come, with rising import costs continuing.”

“I got many doubts about whether quantitative tightening will reduce inflation“.

“QT is a very new policy, we don’t know the impact yet, the impact of previous QE on inflation is not clear.”

“Better to take a gradual approach to QT, learning as you go.”

“Giving an interest rate path by individual MPC members will cause confusion.”

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