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Strikes at SAS have led to a fair amount of cancellations of late, but they face stiff competition from the wake.

Star comedian Dave Chappelle (48) is canceled in Minneapolis on Wednesday, just hours before the show started. All the tickets were sold out, but The First Avenue suddenly apologized for having booked them at all.

Unsurprisingly, it was his jokes about trans and LGBT+ people that evoked the greatest outrage and fury of activists. This is a common thread in most and most notably of this summer’s cancellation cases.


Wake up in loss?

kappel suddenly appeared again as a warm-up for comedians Chris Rock and Kevin Hart at Madison Square Garden. And (almost) all hearts rejoice! “Had to sneak in here”, he said on stage, “despite what you might read on the news, I’m fine, and I appreciate the support.”

Chappelle’s success and support haven’t really waned of late. He appears to have emerged from the controversy and his activism against him is strengthening, not weakening.

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Likewise, comedian Ricky Gervais has won over audiences and the public at large. American LGBT group Glaad marks her appearance SuperNature on Netflix as “dangerous”, “anti-gay” and “anti-trans”and trans activists tried to cancel the show, right after it aired in May.

Netflix may have done well in position with Chappelle and Gervais and have clearly chosen one less wake line from the previous. Not only for freedom of expression, for diversity, humor and entertainment, but also for the wallet.

Okay groomer

Twitter has now started removing users using the word makeup man, especially in relation to LGBT related actions, ideologies and people. The anti-wake up James Lindsay was canceled last week for such reasons, for repeatedly referring to someone as a groomer.

In a narrow sense refers to makeup man for “that an adult has a relationship with a minor (…) with the intention of being abused at a later date”, according to Norwegian Academy Dictionary. The basic meaning is broader, namely to groom, smoking (horse); to look after, to care for, to care for; train, prepare, train. Therefore – and depending on the context – memes can be ok barber being obscure and embracing everything from suspicious ideological upbringing to accusations of pure pedophilia. It made a fuss.

James Lindsay has dedicated almost all of his waking hours in recent years to educating the public about the madness of academic identity politics, Marxism, race and gender.

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Together with Helen Pluckrose, he wrote the popular book Cynic Theory from 2020. His full title says it all, at least about who he’s supporting. Cynic theory: How Activist Scholarships Make It All About Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why It’s Harming Everyone.


At the end of June, Jordan Peterson himself became too suspended from Twitter after comments on trance. Specifically about actress Elliot – formerly Ellen – Page. Peterson was asked to delete the tweet, but declined. «I’d rather die», was the reply in a familiar style. Next up is Dave Rubin depends, to share Peterson’s tweet. Fortunately temporary. But so long.

Artist Macy Gray in bad weather after show at Pierce Morgan earlier in July. There she – like many others – got into trouble for thinking that men did not become women by having surgery. But, you know.

It didn’t take him a few days to (figuratively) get down on his knees and apologize. Faithful to establishing tradition, he certainly has «learn a lot». Being a woman might be a bit of a “vibe”, i.e. now she has to think about it a bit!

Finally, it can also be mentioned meat canceled. At least on Moon festival in Fredrikstad. And it ballet Too many elitist, white and heteronormative for the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, England.

School must decolonized and the curriculum made gender neutral. It was enough to wake us all up. But now a new week – with new cancellation staples. The shows must continue!

Norwegian radical feminist interviewed by Tucker Carlson: – The medical disaster of our time (+)


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