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One of the most iconic bands of all time is the Beatles. His name does not go unnoticed anywhere, a similar phenomenon caused by BTS, in our time is that experienced by Paul McCartney, Jhon Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Star.

That Liverpool Quartet It emerged in the mid-1960s, at a time of high tension in the world. Their fame soon became worldwide and they are remembered today for radically changing the way music is made.

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Their success was not only reflected in their massive commercial scale, but they were highly praised by the music critics of their time and contemporary critics alike.

first single Love me, will be the first step towards world recognition. After 1962 nothing will be the same for the Beatles and the world, therefore, currently they continue to be one rock group recognized, so that three dates have appeared for celebrate their formation and his journey through the field of music, we present to you.

When is International Beatles Day? Know the three dates

Without a doubt, The Beatles are one of those bands who have left an unparalleled legacy, inspiring musicians of all genres and also serving as representative group of the new generation In support of the environment, equal rights and liberation of women and homosexuals, this banner put the group on a planetary scale immediately, both for its music and for its truly groundbreaking 1960s course.

The importance is so great that even Queen Elizabeth II appointed four members Order of the British Empire. After disbanding in 1970, The Beatles have revolutionized the way of music, nothing is the same anymore, their music, songs and albums mark their generation and those to come, therefore, internationally there are three days to celebrate.

While there’s no consensus on a date like the original, many fans assume it is January 16th is International Beatles Day because it was the date they debuted in Cave Club, a venue for musical talent in the second half of the 20th century located in England, where the Beatles played 262 times in their early years.

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Although this is the date accepted by most followers, in other regions of the world outside great Britain These are not the only ones or those that are considered official. That July 6th is also considered as International Day since one day the founding members met: Paul McCartney and John Lenon.

Another possibility among band insiders is that International Beatles Day falls on the 1st.July 0, the date on which the Liverpool quartet would return from their successful tour of the United States to shoot their popular film A Hard Day’s Night, to be released in 1964.

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