What did Queen Elizabeth II do and what powers did she have

These are the functions that Elizabeth must perform as Queen of Great Britain.

you can say be queen is a job that Elizabeth didn’t choose the conventional way. Since he ascended the throne in 1952, his work has transcended the image of the British crown.

This is the function that Isabel II must fulfill in his work as king of England.

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He is the head of state

The title Queen of England means that Elizabeth II is Head of State and as such, has certain constitutional obligations such as opening sessions of the British Parliament and even though does not have the ability to propose or pass laws, his royal seal is very important in every law passed in Parliament.

Despite being the head of state, queen must remain neutral before any political matter and you must not express your opinion publicly about the political situation in the United Kingdom or abroad. However, he usually holds weekly meetings with the Prime Minister whose job it is to find out the status of his city.

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Becoming head of state gave him the ability to appear on all banknotes and coins, as well as on British postage stamps.

He is the head of State

This title, according to the official website of the British royal family, focuses on the work the queen has in representing British national identity, unity and pride.

“It gives a feeling of stability and continuity; it recognizes success and excellence and supports volunteer ideas”, it reads.

It gives you the ability to honor great British citizens, like Sir Elton John, give me Helen Mirren.

As if that weren’t enough, the queen is in charge of receiving other heads of state, making diplomatic trips and organizing events on behalf of the British crown.

He is the Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces

each British armed forces respond to Queen Elizabeth, who is the commander-in-chief, however, cannot order a direct attack without first going through Parliament and the Prime Minister.

That is, too Supreme Governor of the Church of England, which gives you the ability to appoint archbishops, bishops, and pastors of the Anglican church.

Attend public events and charitable organizations

A large part of working as a member of British royalty is supporting a variety of nonprofit organizations that conform to royalty values ​​and range from supporting the sick or low-income to promoting mental health or book clubs.

Likewise, in his daily schedule, he has different types of events. During the pandemic, the queen has spoken to health or education personnel to encourage them via video calls.

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