What is 5G technology and why is it causing conflict between the US and China

(CNN Radio Argentina) — Enrique CarrierTelecommunications consultant, speaking this Monday at CNN radio on issues revolving around 5G technology, which resurfaced after the president’s visit to a Huawei factory in China.

“The 5G issue has multiple perspectives: technology, economics and politics”he said in dialogue with Pepe Gil Vidal.

The dispute between the US and China emerges because of the characteristics of the 5G network, which connects not only people but also objects for industrial use and public infrastructure, such as gas and electricity networksexplained in Coffee with Pepe.

“That’s where national security and geopolitical factors carve out”he stated, “I can’t let my rival in the world of chess be the one to give me this technology because may lead to acts of espionage or sabotage“.

Trump warned of this and added allies such as the UK and Australia, which have chosen not to allow technology from China to be used in telecommunications infrastructure, he said.

Within this framework, he considers that there are political and not technical factors to rule out 5G. “Huawei equipment is audited by international telecommunications organizations”he explained.

If Argentina adopts this technology, it doesn’t look like a very significant change in the short term as new uses will take time.

“Prerequisites are needed, more fiber optics, which in Argentina is currently only under 15%, a huge investment is still missing”he determined.

“This is a very long process, it will take a lot of time and a lot of investment”he concluded.

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