What is Boxing Day and why is this year in danger

Boxing day It’s a celebration Great Britain And other countries included in the British Empire. In Germany, the “Second Christmas Day” is celebrated in Central and Northern Europe. In some countries this is a public holiday. That 26. december, Every day Donation given And gifts for the poor.

The custom of celebrating today’s birth Medieval, Because it is believed after Christmas The nobles give baskets of food to their maids And the pastor revealed the beggar’s box to their church, and distributed it among the underprivileged people. Some temples open their boxes on Christmas Day. Another view is that workers carry a box on December 26 when they go to work The money deposited at the end of the day is deposited by the employer. This inheritance spreads over time The date of distribution of gifts to people in need. They are currently organized Charity events and days to meet family and friends. Employers usually give gifts to their employees.

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