What is the most powerful army in the world?

What we can be certain of is Russia has one of the most powerful armies in the world. although it has not yet been able to defeat the Ukrainian resistance, which has a much more modest military force. While it is true that it has great power in terms of military numbers, weapons and considerable nuclear power, Russia is also one of the countries that invests the least in the army. This is one of the conclusions of the latter Global Fire Power Study, which analyzes more than 50 factors from armies around the world. What is the most powerful outside Russia? Here’s the list:

  1. United States of America
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Japan
  6. South Korea
  7. France
  8. great Britain
  9. pakistan
  10. Brazil
  11. Italy
  12. Egypt
  13. Turkey
  14. Iran
  15. Indonesia
  16. German
  17. Australia
  18. Israel
  19. Spanish
  20. Saudi Arabia

To compile the rankings, about fifty factors have been analyzed, ranging from the number of active and reserve troops, fleet size, tanks and ships, military spending or nuclear capacity, to Global Firepower’s geographic, financial and logistical factors.

According to this study, while North America stand out for a large number of aircraft and weapons and the invasion in maintenance, the Russia they are the most powerful in terms of nuclear attack. Chinaon the other hand, has very little nuclear potential, but is the country with the most fleets and soldiers. South Korea This stands out because more than three million people are ready to act as soldiers in the event of a conflict. In this same line there is Pakistan, India and Brazil. For this part, French and English they have armies that are smaller in number, but they are among those who dedicate the most money to military expenditures proportionately.

Spain case

With respect to Spain, it is currently in the nineteenth position out of nearly 150 countries analyzed and has improved its position compared to the last few years. According to Global Firepower, it is a powerful force with regards to fleet of ships, submarines and transportation in general, as well as in army and paramilitary numbers. On the contrary, he was weak in the protection of the land.

In this context, Spanish President Pedro Sánchez has proposed increasing the defense budget, an announcement that his government partner, Unides Podem, disliked. Specifically, he wants it to represent 2% of the state’s GDP, which would translate to 25,000 million euros, compared to the current 15,000 million. The truth is, even if the figure rises to 2% of GDP, it is still far from neighboring countries. France, for example, spends 50,000 million annually; Great Britain, 60,000 million; Italy, 30,000 million and Germany, which had increased spending as a result of the Ukraine war, always opting for a more neutral policy, are now among the countries that have invested the most with 100,000 million.

At the moment, The Popular Parties, Vox and Ciutadans have publicly expressed their support for the proposal. Socialists believe that it should be done because “we think that war cannot happen at the gates of Europe” and what is happening in Ukraine “should make us reflect”.

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