WhatsApp: Did you get a suspicious job offer?

WhatsApp continues to be a powerful tool cheater They use it to reach people who are looking for income.

WhatsApp scam with fake job offer

Order from personal account What is it in Peru they try to get people to sign up for supposed recruiting offers.

We reproduce it below, including any misspellings that may include:

“Hello! You have been selected for a part time/full time job online. The work is very simple, no time limit, no limit what can be done at home, daily salary 200-1000 soles, (Note: You must be at least 22 years old , students cannot participate) contact WhatsApp manager for work: “ link to another WhatsApp chat”.

“Hello! You have been selected for a part time/full time online job. Very simple job, no time limit, no limit what can be done at home, daily salary 200-1000 soles, contact WhatsApp manager for work: click link ” links to other WhatsApp chats”. (Note: applicants must be at least 18 years old, students cannot participate).

These two messages are nearly identical, except for the last “requirement”. If it “stings”, the user will go to another chat with whatsapp business.

account of whatsapp business He claims to be from “Coppel Manager Maddie” and is registered with a UK telephone.

Coppel is a Mexican department store that has a large presence in the country, apart from Argentina.

In conversation with the account, he offers a job opportunity that seems quite easy. Supposedly users will help by giving five-star reviews for products in the store to increase their sales.

But there are details, in the conversation offered a “30 sun scholarship” with which you can earn a commission.

WhatsApp Job Scams: What Can Happen?

account at whatsapp business indicates that it is necessary to register an account with the number in Peru. To do this, ask to enter a link.

Here, the user should already distrust and not open link. You can access this link can be used to install spyware on your phone.

Also, entering a number can register a user in a SMS premium paid and you won’t see the different fees until you receive your receipt if you have a Postpaid plan.

And it is impossible, the user must enter Credit or debit card if the platform asks for it.

This type of fraud crosses boundaries, with similar patterns found elsewhere country. There is also a similar offer that comes by email, offering the job of “assessing articles from amazon

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