Which country extracts more natural resources for the Autonomous University of Barcelona?

United States, China and European Union (EU) will be the main responsibility for the ecological damage caused by excessive use of natural resources. This was announced by Barcelona Autonomous University inside it report National Responsibility for Ecological Disaggregation: Fair Assessment of Resource Use. This document is published in a scientific journal Lancet in April 2022.

According to the document, high-income countries responsible for 74 percent from global advantages in raw material extraction during the period 1970-2017. Jason Hickel, the principal investigator on the paper, calculated the extent of each country has exceeded a reasonable share of the threshold for sustainable use of resources.

From 74%, The United States is responsible for 27% overexploitation of natural resources, China ranks second with 15% and 25% compliant with the European Union. Spanish, German, French, English and Italian They are also included in the list of 15 countries that exceed the boundaries of planetary sustainability in the region.

About Africa, Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbeanthis region responsible for 8% raw material extraction, and 58 countries of the area is maintained at a sustainable level. That the most exploited materials are wood, metals, minerals, biomass and raw materials for the production of fossil fuels.

Only from 1970 to 2017, nearly 2.5 billion tons extracted natural resources around the world. Furthermore, high- and middle-income countries use most of these materials. From this figure, 1.1 billion tons beyond the sustainable barrier of exploitation of raw materials worldwide.

Human impact on Earth system processes extends beyond planetary boundaries, not only in terms of CO2 emisi emissions“, Hickel stated. He also added that this ecological collapse was largely due to the global extraction of resources and has drastically exceeded safe and sustainable levels on the planet.

although study shows that the United States and the EU are primarily responsible for the increased exploitation of raw materials, its global share has also decreased in the last 20 years. This is largely due to the fact that China has become a major country in exploiting natural resources since 2001 you rampantly increase their consumption.

Jason Hickel also emphasized that currently there is a turning point in ecological issues and we must act decisively against exploitation of natural resources. This is because developed countries have a responsibility to prevent ecological collapsewhich will require more complex action immediately.


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