Which Premier League player consumes the most electricity?

Most elite players tend to have different levels of consumption than the rest of the workforce and spend a surprising amount of money on more than one. From luxury yachts, luxury homes, expensive pets and more. This time a report reveals the electricity consumption of Premier League players and the numbers are astounding.

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As detailed by company Uswitch, there are two members of the Manchester City squad left with the top spot in terms of spending. Kyle Walker and John Stones They spend thousands and thousands of euros every year on electricity bills and their luxury homes require huge investments.

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The 31-year-old defender pays annually, just for this service, 19 thousand euros which is equivalent to more than 15 times what the average British citizen pays. Your house with six bedrooms, themed game room, impressive swimming pool with waterfall, gym with luxury machines and your other assets require high electricity consumption which you have to support.

Walker was also surprised earlier in the year when British outlet The Sun revealed that he paid approx €46,000 for a guard dog guarding his home in Cheshire. The Doberman named Apollo, in reference to the film Apollo Creed, is one of the many luxuries given.

Meanwhile, John Stones allocated around 18,500 euros a year and he also has a mansion to care for. From saunas, cinemas, to heated indoor swimming pools are some of the facilities that require high electricity consumption and at the end of the year the bill adds up.

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In third place, the players who paid the most electricity according to this report were Paul Pogba, French midfielder from Manchester United, who pays 17 thousand euros a year. In this case, France has a football field with LED lighting, which causes high electricity consumption. In the top 4 there is also David de Gea, a Spaniard who earns around 16,500 euros per year and his electric gates for greater security will be one of the most interesting aspects for him. The list goes on and on and the numbers are staggering. And the mansion is not easy to maintain …

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