Who is Liz Truss, favorite to replace Boris Johnson

The candidate is said to be a favorite of British politicians and the press for the post of Prime Minister.

The race to replace former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has begun and there are two candidates vying for the position. Here we tell you who is Liz Truss.

More than two weeks have passed since Boris Johnson officially resigns as Prime Minister Britain and its consequences continue to resonate in the country’s politics.

After his resignation, race to find out who will be his successor begins immediately. In the first example, the names of Jeremy Hunt, Ben Wallace, Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, among others, are considered. However, the last two were chosen after the Conservative Party vote, so next September 5 could be Sunak or Truss or the next British Prime Minister.

In this note we tell you who Liz Truss is, one of the favorites to replace Johnson.

Who is Liz Truss?

Similar to Margaret Thatcher’s style, Liz Truss is indicated as the new and favorite Iron Lady in the race for Prime Minister.

She is 47 years old and currently Minister of Women (2019) and Foreign Affairs (2021), positions in which she has played a key role in negotiations and subsequent condemnation from Russia of the invasion of Ukraine.

He studied philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford, the institution where he began his political path to the military in the Liberal Democrat party.

Leaving home study in 1996 he changed course and joined the Conservative Party. With the group’s support, he managed to secure a position as a member of parliament in 2010 for the constituency Southwest Norfolk.

Since then his political career has been on the rise.

In addition to her work as an MP, Liz Truss has held various government posts since the David Cameron administration.

Among them are the Minister of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade and Chief Secretary of the Treasury, among others.

Although he voted against Brexit in 2016, today he is a staunch supporter of the measure. Which would have given him more points against his conservative electorate.

Finally, one of the actions he wants to take if he is elected Prime Minister, as clarified by the platform France24, is a direct deduction in taxes. In contrast to his opponent Sunak, who tried to bring them down but once inflation was under control.

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