Who is Silvina Batakis, the new Minister of the Economy?

After a day of meetings at the Olivos residence, President Alberto Fernández appoints Silvina Batakis as Minister of the Economy to replace Martín Guzmán, who resigned last Saturday.

“President @alferdez appointed Silvina Batakis as head of the Ministry of Economy. Batakis is a well-known economist who carried out that role in the Province of Buenos Aires between 2011 and 2015,” said a presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, on social media accounts. Twitter network.

Who is the new Minister of the Economy Silvina Batakis

Silvina Aida Batakis 53 years and today appointed Minister of the Economy replaces Martin Guzmanis an economist, university professor and until recently Provincial Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Born in the city Rio Grande, province of Tierra del Fuego, graduated as Bachelor of Economics (1993) and in Master in Public Finance at La Plata National University, in addition to having completed a Master in Environmental Economics at the University of York.

New Economy Minister

Batak people are presented as Minister of Economy of the province of Buenos Aires between 2011 and 2015, during the second period Daniel Scioli, although previously he held various positions in the public administration of Buenos Aires.

Correspondingly, Scioli, who currently serves as Minister of Productive Development, highlighted Alberto Fernández’s decision to include Bataki in the Cabinet.

A person with great human qualities and extensive professional training. A tireless worker with a great sense of responsibility and a great experience,” said Scioli.

Among the positions he held in the public administration of Buenos Aires, Deputy Minister of Finance, Director of Free Trade Areas, Provincial Director of Environmental Economics and Alternative Energy at the Provincial Sustainable Development Agency, Director of Provincial Economic Studies at the Ministry of Economy stood out, and assistant in the Planning Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure, among other positions.

In 2011, he became Minister of Economy of the province of Buenos Aires, a position he held until the end of Scioli’s term. Even, during the 2015 presidential campaign, Front for Victory candidates announced him as the nominee for Minister of Economy, although he later lost the contest to Mauricio Macri in the second round of elections.

Silvina Batakis and Daniel Scioli

In 2019 he was appointed Provincial Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the roles he agreed with the 23 provinces on the new fiscal consensus promoted by President Alberto Fernández with the provinces.

Silvina Batakis also works closely with the Minister of Home Affairs, Wado Peter, so a good relationship with the Peronism wing is to be expected.

At the beginning of his mandate, Alberto Fernández thought about appointing him Minister of Foreign Trade, but ultimately decided to appoint him Provincial Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior to work alongside De Pedro.

He received many distinctions and awards such as scholarships 2009 Mobility Program to participate in the Lyon renewable energy exhibition, awarded by International Relations and Rhône-Alpes Cooperation; the 2001 Chevining scholarship, awarded by the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs; scholarships for Federal Investment Board Higher Studies; scholarships for Organization of American States Graduate Studies to study in Chile; and Special Attention to the 30th Conference on Public Finance at the National University of Córdoba.

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