Who is ‘The Tinder Scammer’ Israeli girlfriend?

Simon Leviev became famous for the documentary ‘The Tinder Scammer’ and recently launched his Israeli girlfriend.

A few weeks ago, Netflix streaming platform premiere ‘Tinder scammer’a documentary about popular dating apps and all the dangers these social networks pose, from online dating to social networks, where everyone lives connected and very close to everyone through digital networks.

‘Tinder scammer’ is a new Netflix documentary, which tells about the story of Simon Leviev, an Israeli man who is dedicated to swindling and swindling women through the popular dating social network, Tinder. In the documentary, his three victims tell their stories, all with to seek justice versus what Leviev did to them.

in the documentary “Tinder Scam” revealed that the cause of this crime, Simon Leviev he just spent 5 months in jail after what he did to these women, right now Leviev maintains a luxurious lifestyle in Israel after being released, just like he has a beautiful new girlfriend.

Who is Simon Leviev’s new girlfriend?

Last new boyfriend known from ‘Tinder scammer’Simon Levievis Israeli model Katrina Koryakin, better known as Kate Konlin, 24 years oldwho recently confirmed that she split from Simon, but many people don’t believe her at all.

According to the newspaper English ‘Sun’, Leviev labels the beautiful model Konlin on one of your Instagram stories before deleting your account, because Simon Leviev He had to delete his account from all social networks when his documentary was released, because he was the protagonist and not in a good way. Also, before Leviev deleted his Instagram account, the only person he followed was model Israel Konlin.

Possible Tinder swindler boyfriend talking about hers relations with Leviev openly in July 2021this in an interview with Israeli magazine called Makomade various statements about his relationship with Leviev at that time.

don’t hide anything from methe important thing is that he knows everything from the start”, he commented. Kate Konlin for the Israeli magazine Mako.

Besides that, Kate Konlin is an Israeli model who works for Metropolitan Models, also has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Last December he celebrated his 24th birthday and shared several photos, including one showing rportraits of himself and Leviev.

Despite all the model statements, in a radar postensure that Konlin and Leviev maintain contact via email, but Konlin assured that they are only maintaining a friendly relationship, although some people believe and confirm that Simon is behind all the statements made by the model.

Before Leviev will delete his Instagram account Due to the premiere of ‘The Tinder Swindler’ on Netflix, she posted a thank you message and reassured that she would tell her story from his side.

Thank you for all your supportI will be sharing my side of the story in the coming days, when I have found the best and most honorable way to tell it, both for the parties involved and for myself, Until then, keep your mind and heart open“.

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