Why is it celebrated on December 28?

Habit of making jokes on December 28

Nowadays, in the media from which jokes are brewed to reach more people, with the aim that they fall into “innocentness”. They also pranked famous people which was broadcast nationally.

Now, with the use of social networks, it is hoped that there will be endless jokes to be shared.

Why did the press spread jokes on December 28?

The joke in the press goes back to the 19th century, when in the newspaper “El Liberal”, the journalist Mariano de Cavia published an article on November 25, 1891 in which he announced a fire that destroyed the Prado Museum. The next day, he explained that what he wanted was to report the state of the Madrid art gallery to prevent any possible accidents.

Although not April Fool’s Day, his example amazed and inspired others.

The ABC newspaper detailed that it was among the first not guilty on December 28, 1905, when it published a news item, accompanied by a photo, announcing the destruction of the Viaduct on Calle de Segovia, in Madrid.

The photomontage made many readers come to the related Viaduct to check the truth of the news.

In other parts of the world it is not celebrated on December 28, but on April 1 and is known by different names: in Italy as Pesce daprile, in Canada as Poisson d´avril, in Portugal and Brazil they call it Day of Lying down and in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, April Erster is celebrated. In Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, it’s a fool’s day.

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