Will ban protests and sports for women – Clear Speech

There have been protests in Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power in the country last month. People should stop doing that, said the Ministry of Home Affairs in the new order. It is only allowed to protest if the Taliban has agreed to it.

Women have protests every day demanding the same rights as men. The new ban could cause them to have to quit. They could be punished if they continued.

There will also be a ban on cricket and other sports for women. It reports on the SBS channel.

– In cricket, it can happen that the face and body are uncovered. Islam says that women should avoid looking like that, says Ahmadullah Wasiq. He is the deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission.

– In this media era, there are pictures and videos that people watch. Islam and the Islamic Emirate will not allow women to play cricket or engage in other sports to which they are exposed, he told the channel.

Wasiq said last month to the same channel that they would let men continue to play cricket. The Taliban have also agreed that the men’s national team in cricket can travel abroad to play matches. The first is in Australia in November.

– It is unacceptable to refuse women to participate in sports at all levels. We ask sporting authorities to report that this was a cruel decision. That’s what Richard Colbeck said. Australian Minister of Chicken Sports.

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