will have artificial intelligence capable of ‘reading minds’ pilots

England is growing a fighter aircraft that will become part of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS). The vehicle, dubbed the Tempest, will feature technology capable of reading pilots’ minds, according to have communicated BBC.

European Ministry of Defense allocated last year 347 million dollars for the company consortium including BAE Systems and Rolls Royce (UK), Leonardo (Italy) and MBDA (Europe) to develop the 6th generation Tempest.

With this investment, the UK aims to replace its current fighter jets in two decades. The technological advances that will come with this vehicle are, for example the use of Artificial Intelligence so that pilots and aircraft are more ‘unified’.

This AI reported on the BBC will work for times when pilots have difficulty controlling the plane. In this way, the system will intervene and drive the vehicle immediately.

In order to ‘read a human’s mind’ and verify that he could not handle Tempest, he would use sensors placed on the pilot’s helmet. Through this technology, the system will track brain signals and other psychometric and biometric data to detect possible problems.

Xi'an H-20

If a pilot loses consciousness, AI Tempest will be responsible for steering the vehicle to avoid a possible accident. Also, technology will also take over control of weapons when the pilot fires them and makes sure they hit the desired target.

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