Will Mexico become a world power? Prediction shows in which year it will happen


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It’s very common to read on the news or even see in memes the comparisons between World power and third world countries, but rarely talk about how a country is called a world power.

However, recently they have been established five measurable variables which allows us to know in a more reliable way what power the nations have.

These attributes can be synthesized as follows:

  • Leadership capacity of its leaders.
  • A booming economy.
  • A solid military powerhouse of your armed forces.
  • Great alliance network with other countries.
  • Significant political influence.

Based on these criteria, currently countries such as United States, China, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, France,
South Korea, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
they are part of the world power bloc.

However, according to some predictions this could change.

Will Mexico become a world power?

During his annual conference Antonio Vázquez Alba, known as the Mayor of El Brujo detailed: “The world is in a tremendous economic crisis and Mexico will be in the first 15 places which is not so bad, we will have a healthy economy and there will be a lot of jobs” .

However, such an exhilarating and close-up panorama was overshadowed by the visions of others, who projected that up to a hundred years from now Mexico would be able to enter the world powerhouse.

“Mexico will be a leader, in 100 years will be a world power that will rule almost all countries,” said Mhoni Vidente, on his YouTube channel.

According to the astrologer, in addition to Mexico, countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador will emerge among those with stronger economies, better international relations and outstanding leaders.

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