Wine School: German Food

I hardly dare to say it, but sometimes I get bored with Riesling. Here is the German wine that won me back.

In the hotel lobby, the chairs were upholstered in blue velvet. It was like entering another time. The receptionist was neatly dressed, and when she saw my fingers finally let go of the heavy bag, she said in a thick German accent.

– Looks like you need a glass of grauburgunder.

At the time, it felt like grauburgunder was the obvious answer to all the unanswered questions. And as I sank in and took my first sip, I wondered: Why don’t I drink this more often? To answer that, we must first take some theory.

Proud wine nation

Germans perfect wine riesling more than anyone. We call it aromatic. That is, the aroma is clear and intense. You recognize it by the notes of citrus and yellow fruit, salt, lime and elderflower. From time to time it can also get a scent reminiscent of a raincoat or boots, and we Bergens are weak for that.

Riesling can be drunk young or old. Often affordable, compared to the crazy prices in Burgundy, for example. You’ll find them in many different styles and levels of sweetness.

Many argue convincingly that Riesling should be the most important white wine grape in the world. However… After a demanding work week, I can think that Riesling would go a bit overboard. It’s like communicating with someone who talks a little too loudly, a little too much and a little too long.

Ah, as I write this, I can actually hear the protests from the fans. I know what that means: Sparkling food wine. High quality. It’s all true, but I still can’t shake the perception that Riesling can be a bit of a stickler, especially without food.

  • See Ingvild Tennfjord’s wine recommendations further on this case.

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