Woman denounces she was “almost raped” in ‘Meta’ game

A British citizen identified as Nina Jane Patel recently reported on a blog that she had been “nearly raped” by several male avatars while playing ‘Horizon Worlds’, a game owned by the company Metaverse.

According to Jane Patel’s account, not even 60 seconds had passed since she started playing when she was harassed by about three or four male avatars who then “virtually raped” her avatar.

“It wasn’t real, a nightmare. A horrible experience that happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to protect myself. I was paralyzed. Then they sent me obscene messages like ‘don’t pretend you don’t like it,'” fast.

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Even though the incident happened fictitiously, the woman reacted as if the assault had happened to her in real life.

“In some ways, my physiological and psychological response is as if it were happening in reality”he added.

It should be noted that the game ‘Horizon Worlds’ has been involved in this type of controversy on other occasions, Since mid-December 2021, days after ‘Meta’ opened access to its online virtual reality video game, one of the platform’s users claimed that an unknown person was ‘groping her avatar’, something her trial was all about ‘sexual harassment’.

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